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Algemene informatie / General information

Iselinge Hogeschool is an ambitious university of applied sciences in the east of the Netherlands. Even though it is a relatively small HEI, it is one of the three best-rated primary teacher training colleges in the Netherlands, according to the HBO Keuzegids 2018. Quality and innovation of education are greatly valued within the institution, just as personal attention for each student and collaboration with various partners involved in education (e.g. research institutes and primary schools). Iselinge Hogeschool has always been strongly anchored in the region, but for the last few years it has also aimed to look beyond the Dutch borders when it comes to good practices in education. The attention for internationalisation (both abroad and @home) has grown, not in the least because this is expected to have a positive effect on students’ overall satisfaction with the study programme as well as on their social involvement and employability, as has been stipulated in the institution’s policy plan for internationalisation (2016-2020).

Read more about our Erasmus Policy Statement

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