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Operational and communication methods

International mobility of students and staff falls under the responsibility of the International Office. The internationalisation coordinator heads the office and supervises all mobility. The members of the Iternational Office (one coordinator and six teacher trainers with various tasks in the field of internationalisation (e.g.: workshops on internationalisation, accompanying students on excursions to Germany, preparing the outbound students)) convence twice a year and save all documentation in a shared online drive. At the moment, Iselinge Hogeschool knows only outbound mobility are overseen by one of the members of the International Office as well as the coordinator. The coordinator is a member of ETEN, and as such keeps in contact with the institution's foreign and domestic partners. More outbound and incoming mobility will necessitate an expension of the International Office. Additionally, Iselinge Hogeschool will start an international minor for both domestic and foreign students, in collaboration with other smaller primary teacher training colleges (Radiant Lerarenopleidingen). Iselinge Hogeschool's International Office will share responsibility for preparing, 'manning', executing, and evaluating this minor. 

Contact details:
ester.alake@iselinge.nl; room 108; tel: (0031) (0)88-0931090

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