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Language Policy

Outgoing students/uitgaande studenten

Iselinge Hogeschool encourages staff and students to partake in long-term internship, studies, or other forms of knowledge exchange in countries where the instruction language is either English, Dutch, or a language which is the  second or third language of the participant in question. Dutch and English are provided in the curriculum each semester through blended learning: lessons, online modules in 'Hogeschooltaal', and practical experience during internships. Language proficiency is evaluated by both institutional as well as national test (see course catalogue) and conditional for continuation of the degree programme. The minimum level of English is 4F/C1, while Dutch is tested on 3F/B2 in the first year and on 4F/C1 level in the second year. Moreover, staff and students can use the facilities of Radiant partner Katholieke Pabo Zwolle, to obtain a Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) through attending a tailored Cambridge English course.

Six months before departure, each participant is interviewed by our senior lecturer and researcher of English, a Phd holder. She advises the participant as to which aspects of Subject Matter Knowledge as well as Pedagogical Content Knowledge need improvement and which extra courses should be taken (e.g. language proficiency in Volksuniversiteit, Cambridge course, weekly communication with a native speaker, etc). In case of short time programmes (shorter than a month), staff and students are also stimulated to go to non-English speaking countries. In those cases they are paired with a peer: a colleague researching or lecturing the same topic or a student in the same level of studies.

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