Leer voor je leven

Language support

Most of our courses are taught in Dutch. Incoming students have to prove through a statement of their home institution's international office, that they master the language in which the courses they plan to take are taught (this entails sufficient proficiency in writing, reading, speaking and listening) on at least B2 level. Staff lecturing or exchanging curricula with local colleagues should master at least C1 level. Dutch and/or English language proficiency is stimulated by an intensive two-week language course, prior to attending courses, taught by fourth-year students (selected by the lecturer of Dutch or the lecturer of English) or arranged by the candidate him-/herself. Two months before arrival, exchange staff and students meet their peer mentor at least weekly on Skype to improve their spoken Dutch. From the moment of arrival, students and staff meet at least weekly with a peer, to improve language proficiency (speaking, listening, writing and reading) in Dutch. 

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