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All courses taught at Iselinge Hogeschool are described in the course catalogue on the institution's website. The course catalogue contains the title of each course for the fulltime regular and academic varieties, its level (Bachelor 1, Bachelor 2, Bachelor 3, Bachelor 4),  the language in which it is taught (Dutch or English) and the number of credits to be obtained by finishing it successfully. Most courses are taught in Dutch. The Bachelor 2 English course is taught in English, just as (part of) the Bachelor 3 (academic variety) course in experiential education.

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Additionally, Iselinge Hogeschool offers two intensive weeks in English. The first will take place March 26 up til March 31 2018 and adresses bi-lingual education (German/Dutch) in the EUregion. Pre-service teachers teach mixed Dutch/German pupils between 4 and 12 years old in pairs. The second intensive week will take place May 6 up till May 13 2018. You will 'Explore and move in the region, learn about the world'. We will walk four days in the eastern region of the Netherlands (each day 20, 30 or 40 km). Inquiry based research will be conducted on geography, history and nature with students of primary teacher training and Physical education from different countries.

Contact ester.alake@iselinge.nl
See also: http://www.aw4d.nl

Here you will find the several possibilities offered by Iselinge Hogeschool and our ETEN partners. 

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