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Procedure for recognizing mobility

Outbound students who study and/or do internships in (commercial) organisations are required to send a detailed request to the exam committee, the legal body which controls the execution of the Education and Exam regulations (OER), six months prior to departure. Students should mention their level of studies (third or fourth year), which competences they will work on, which activities they will undertake to achieve that, and the organisation where they will do their internship. A representative of the organisation has to officially state that the company will provide at least a weekly evaluation. The exam committee will evaluate the quality and quantity of the proposal (activities, goals, modes of evaluation) and inform the student officially about the outcome of the evaluation. At least one lecturer of Iselinge Hogeschool will be appointed by the exam committee to support and examine the student.

Please email the exam committee for further information or requests (examencommissie@iselinge.nl).

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